Month: September 2016

The Grapevine Parish Magazine entry for October 2016

September has arrived and with it autumn, so we are told, but these first few days of September feel more like late summer. However daylight is shortening, the children are back at school so the seasons are changing.  Autumn can be a very profitable time for being in the wood. Although most flowers are gone it is the ideal time to look out for the many fungi that can be found, such as The Shaggy Inkcap, the Common Stinkhorn, the Cep and the red coloured Fly Agaric.  There are over 16,000 species of fungi in Britain so keep your eyes down and see how many different ones you can find.  Be careful, some are poisonous!

Autumn is also the time when in our work parties we will be  preparing the conditions that will provide the best environment for next year’s crop of bluebells, which are extending their range since the recent Forestry Commission tree felling. In other areas we are hoping to develop some glades to promote greater biodiversity. In this we are grateful for the advice we have received from the York Urban Buzz team. Please come and join a work party, which are fun times, the dates of which are below.

We are concerned about the number of fires that have been lit in the wood recently. Fires are a danger and are not permitted in the wood.  The Forestry Commission has placed notices in the wood which I copy below.


Our next working parties are, 22nd October, 5th November, 3rd December and 7th January.  Meet at 10am at the Hagg farm end of Intake Lane. We usually finish about 1pm . Further details of our activities including the Jan 8th New Year lunch can be found on our web site

Michael Dunn


Conservation Work Party – Saturday 24 September 2016

Our next work party is on Saturday  24th September and we would be delighted to see any new volunteers.  We meet at 10.00 am at the top of Intake Lane and work until 1.00 pm with a break midway, but even help for just an hour would be appreciated.  All the necessary tools are provided.



Good progress on the Working Party – 10 Sep 16

With a team of  five volunteers working with hand tools and three with brush cutters, good progress was made in clearing brambles in the bluebell area of the wood.

First task for the brush cutters was to tidy up around the Welcome sign


Close of play after the brush cutter team had cleared two areas along side the Bluebell Walk


and close of play after the hand tool team had cleared around the Ancient Pond