Month: August 2020

The Grapevine Parish Magazine entry for September 2020

Despite the Friends not being able to carry out our usual Conservation Working Parties in the Wood because of Covid-19 and the disruption caused by the continuing path blockage from Intake Lane, the lovely local amenity of Hagg Wood is not out of mind. We still need to be able to enjoy this local natural habitat which is beneficial to so many people’s physical and spiritual well-being, and even more so in these difficult times. The difficulties caused by the pandemic have forced us to appreciate simple pleasures and reflect on what is important to us, including the joys of our local  natural environment. Despite the lockdown this year we have had much pleasant weather with a good mix of sunshine and rain, that will be memorable to us despite the difficulties. Earlier in the Spring, the author heard a cuckoo coming from the direction of the Wood, so the natural world carries on.

The Forestry Commission have been busy contracting out work clearing the main ditches in the Wood to create better drainage. Poor drainage can result in trees dying and boggy paths, though slower flowing ditches also can create attractive habitats for amphibians and attractive native plants.

We are looking forward to a happier future when our Conservation Working Parties can be resumed, as well as our trips to beautiful destinations and meetings with interesting talks. We always welcome new members, including young people wanting to protect and enhance our local environment for everyone’s future. Please visit our website for further detail of how to join us.

If you have not already been in touch with us about the path blockage from Intake Lane, please get in touch via our website  or by writing to FHW, 5 Church Lane, Dunnington, YO19 5PT. But even if you have contacted us in this way, you still need to fill in a User Evidence form that we can present to the Planning Inspectorate, so to do this please email in order to play your full part in achieving a successful outcome.