Month: March 2016

Damaged Bench – March 2016

About 4 years ago we arranged for a bench to be purchased and installed by Forestry Commission in Hagg Wood. This bench rons_seat2was to commemorate the life of Ron Bielby, who worked tirelessly in the wood until his death in 2011. Because of its location, the bench proved to be very popular with visitors to the wood, giving them the opportunity to sit awhile and enjoy the tranquillity and beauty of their surroundings.


We were therefore very saddened to see that the well used wooden bench haseat1_5Mar16d been wrenched from its fixed position early this month and hidden in a rather inaccessible area, where a “den” had been built. In the process some of the supporting struts had been damaged.




seat1_21Mar16It was then later moved back to its original location by the den dwellers in an even worse condition,  making it unsafe to use.

In discussion with the Forestry Commission the decision has been taken to remove the broken seat,  so unfortunately for now the bench is no longer available as a welcome rest stop.

Saving a Place for Wildlife – Monday 21st March 2016


Come along and enjoy a relaxing evening with members of Dunnington Conservation Group and Friends of Hagg Wood.  Local  amateur  naturalist  and Voluntary Warden of our local Hassacarr Nature Reserve, Terry Weston, will be giving us another of his annual illustrated talks in the Reading Room, Dunnington  at  7.30pm.

Terry will show how the nature reserve has progressed over the past 23 years, from a single pond to one of the best reserves in the area. A magnet for wildlife  and an outdoor learning centre attracting 5,000 visitors since its inception.

Admission is free. Light refreshments will be served.