Month: August 2019

Conservation Work Party – Saturday 7th September 2019

Our next work party is on Saturday 7th September and we would be delighted to see any new volunteers. We meet at 10.00am at the Welcome to Hagg Wood information board at the entrance to the wood. We work until 1.00pm with a break midway.


We will be working with brush cutters and hand tools to cut back brambles in the Bluebell area to enable the bluebells to thrive in the springtime. All the necessary tools are provided. Bring gloves if you can, and wear stout shoes or wellies.

The Grapevine Parish Magazine entry for September 2019

My gardening diary tells me that on the 1st September we pass from summer to autumn. I wonder if Hagg Wood is aware of that. On a recent walk through the wood, admittedly in mid-August, before the deadline for this article is met, I looked out for signs of the approach of autumn. The foxgloves have all withered, but there still a few other flowers in bloom. There is not much bird song as our summer visitors are leaving and the residents are keeping quiet after raising broods of young. Trees are still in full leaf. Some of the paths have patches of mud created by the summer rain, however the ancient pond and ditches are quite dry.  The main signs of the approach of autumn are the glowing red rowan berries and the ripening blackberries.

Autumn is a good season for our work parties as the weather is usually moderate, the ground is relatively soft, and we are not having to be careful of nesting birds. Keeping the ground clear of brambles, rhododendrons, and self-seeded saplings, all of which cut off sun-light and choke recently planted young native deciduous trees,  is a never ending job for the few of us who take part in the work parties on a regular basis.  We would be very pleased and welcoming to anyone who joined us. There is a good friendly spirit and usually some nice welcome coffee and cake at the mid-morning break, with the opportunity to make new friends.   The dates of the next work parties are at the end of this article.

Our Autumn programme consists of a Cycle Ride to Selby Abbey on Friday 20th September, a talk on ‘Raptor Persecution’ by Stuart Grainger, from the Rural Crime Squad, at 8pm on the 6th November in the Reading Room. On Friday the 8th November there will be an excursion to Castle Howard Arboretum. More details of these events can be found on our website: Work parties Saturday 7th Sept, Friday 4th October and Saturday 16th November.