Month: December 2018

Flooded Paths – 24 December 2018

If you go into the wood you will find that there are three areas where the ditches have overflowed on to the path (see map and pictures below).  The worst stretch of about 100 yards is on the Main Ride which makes it impossible to pass through. The other areas are at the bridge at the end of the Main Ride and the bridge that crosses the ditch on Ron’s Way (these can be passed through if wearing wellies).


Main Ride
Main Ride bridge
Ron’s Way bridge


The Grapevine Parish Magazine entry for January 2019

We decided to have an extra work party in November as the Forestry Commission contractor had cut back the grass and brash on the sides of the Stone Road and Main Ride. It is important to clear the arisings as wild flowers benefit from a soil low in nutrients. If the cut vegetation is left to rot back, the soil will become too rich for the more delicate flowers, such as birds foot trefoil and vetch, to thrive. We also wanted to cut back more of the brambles in the bluebell area before their first green shoots appear, which often happens as early as January.

We had a very productive morning with 11 volunteers and continued with the task of raking and clearing at our December work party. Hopefully the benefits from our efforts will be seen in Spring and Summer when wild flowers appear alongside the Stone Road.


                                       Taking a break during our December work party

Our next work party will be on Saturday 12th January from 10 am until 1pm.  Any new volunteers will be especially welcome, an excellent way to work off those extra pounds that you may have put on over the Christmas festivities!  Meet at the notice board at the entrance to Hagg Wood. All tools will be provided.  It is not a problem if you can only stay for an hour or two, all help is appreciated.

Friends of Hagg Wood would like to send our best wishes for 2019 to everyone and if you are in the habit of making New Year resolutions, make sure one of them is to visit Hagg Wood more often and enjoy the ever-changing delights of nature through the seasons, that we are so fortunate to be able to enjoy here.

Our Spring newsletter with our programme of events will soon be emailed or delivered to all our members.  It will also be available to view on our website