Month: April 2020

The Grapevine Parish Magazine entry for May 2020

What strange times we are living in, very sad for so many but let’s hope that those remaining will be wiser and stronger at the end of this trial.

The wood is now looking beautiful at the moment. Our expert ecologist, Martin Hammond, author of the York Biodiversity Audit, said at the outset of our project that we should concentrate our efforts in the southern area near the abundant indicator species of ancient woodland. This we have done and it has paid great dividends – in recent years the carpet of bluebells has expanded magnificently, interspersed with hundreds of white stitchwort and yellow celandines. The ditches have been full of primroses and we expect now that the buds on the trees are just about to burst into life. It will be so wonderful to be able to walk freely again in our wonderful English countryside once the current restrictions are over.

Bluebells in Hagg Wood


What a shame that the old and the young have since last October been so inconvenienced from taking pleasure in these simple joys by the blockage of the path into the wood from Intake Lane. One of our friends, an internationally renowned fly expert, loves to explore the wood but at the age of 87 he cannot walk the long distance that the blocked gates entail.

The Friends of Hagg Wood submitted two claims to the City of York Council in 1997, to get the footpaths recognised and put on the Definitive Right of Way Map. After the Ombudsman was called in to look at a claim in Fulford, the Council was ordered to make progress and our claim is currently being processed. We’ve been gathering information to add to our claims and would like to thank everyone who has come forward to help us. The consultation period ends 17th April and the outcome depends on the strength of the objections. We will keep you informed.

Have you thought about joining the Friends of Hagg Wood? It’s £4 individuals, £6 for a family for usually 3 lectures, 2 cycle rides, several social occasions and monthly working parties each year once we return to normal. Your support at this difficult time would be immensely encouraging as we work tirelessly to get our paths open again. We have no doubt that we will win.

A walk in Hagg Wood – 19 April 2020

A walk through Hagg Wood to view the magnificent display of bluebells. The route out was by Hagg Lane public footpath entrance and then returning along the Route 66 (Public Bridleway) to Intake Lane.





Unfortunately pictures do not reflect the full beauty of the area. You need to visit in person to appreciate the vista.



The Stone Road looking south
The Main Ride looking north east
The Main Ride looking south west 
Keepers Way path heading south east
Styron Way 
Exit from Styron Way 
Route 66 heading out to Stamford Bridge


Under the blossom on Route 66


The police sign on the damaged Public Footpath signs at the end of Intake Lane  is there to warn people who have travelled by car – not locals who have walked. It does not mean that Hagg Wood is closed or out of bounds. There is no rule that says you cannot walk in Hagg Wood every day if you wish.