The Grapevine Parish Magazine entry for May 2021

May is a lovely month and brings with it that sense of optimism where there is plenty to look forward to, with increasingly warmer days and lighter nights, the fresh leaves, flowers and blossom making this time of year uplifting for our wellbeing. Of course within our wonderful local Community Woodland amenity of Hagg Wood, there is plenty to be seen and heard for those who are still able to visit it for its valuable benefits in promoting physical and mental well-being. After our concerted efforts in removing invasive bramble in recent years, the carpet of bluebells has spread even wider together with numerous wood anemones, and there has been a beautiful display of primroses that have benefitted too from our past conservation working parties. We look forward to the return of our cuckoo which was heard last year in the direction of the Woods, although its infrequent calls were not heard by many people. We welcome also other migrating birds and it is always exciting to witness the return of swallows and swifts, since then we know it really is summer!

Recent difficulties with regard to covid restrictions and safety and other limiting factors have meant that the Friends of Hagg Wood have not been able to carry out our usual conservation work for some time. However, we hope things will change in the future and that our work can resume. Meanwhile please take care and respect the natural environment when you can enjoy your walk, for the enjoyment of wildlife and the public. In the past few months the Forestry Commission have fortunately undertaken a few of the heavier tasks which are beyond the scope of the Friends.

 We are encouraged too to plant trees or shrubs in our gardens. Not only does this add to the attractiveness of the garden but it provides wildlife habitat and carbon capture, though sensitivity is needed in choosing appropriate species. If you would like to help us in our conservation and other sustained efforts to preserve our Community Woodland of Hagg Wood for all to enjoy, please follow our website .

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