The Grapevine Parish Magazine entry for April 2021

Spring has arrived, or at least the calendar’s Spring. However, it is still cool and cloudy, though dry. When can we say that Spring has really arrived?  I am writing this in early March so I can say March has arrived, but it is not keeping to tradition by “Coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb”.  The wind is more lamb like at present so March gales cannot be blamed for the two trees that have fallen across footpaths in the wood.   One is in the Bluebell area and has been there sometime with a path round it.  The larger one is on the main path through the wood and could be more difficult to bypass. The Forestry Commission has been advised of these trees and they may well have been dealt with by the time you read this.

By early March, the deciduous trees were still bare of foliage, with spring flowers yet to appear and birds seeming to be more interested in food than family life.  However, signs of change were on the way and by Easter the wood should be looking really Spring-like. Many bluebell shoots have been showing through, and although some bluebell areas have more bramble than we would prefer, we appear to be in for another good expanse of blue flowers in many parts of the wood. They will be joined by primroses, celandines, wood anemones and violets.  Our winter visiting birds will be leaving us and steadily replaced in the coming months with our summer visitors, who will be busy filling the air with their bird songs to mark their territories and attract a partner.  By keeping our eyes and ears open, this Spring should be a good time to visit the wood, enjoy a good walk and reap the benefits that nature brings to us, whilst keeping to the prevailing coronavirus recommendation. It is good to come prepared with suitable woodland footwear, such as wellies, before all the paths dry out in the coming months.

If you would like to help us in our conservation and other efforts to preserve the wood for all to enjoy, please follow our website .

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