The Grapevine Parish Magazine entry for March 2021

Although many of the paths in Hagg Wood have been muddy this very wet Winter, this has not prevented the more able-bodied residents to walk and enjoy the many pleasures that the wood has to offer, especially vital in these difficult times, when exercise and fresh air has never been more important for our physical and mental health. It is always worth remembering that a good pair of wellies can usually be well worth having in these wetter times of the year.

The snowdrops close to the main Community Woodland notice board are now in flower. This is always a welcome sign that Spring is not too far away.

The catkins on the hazel trees are already formed and just waiting for some warmer weather to open up. It will not be too long before the primroses appear, especially abundant along the banks of the ditches. They thrive in damp conditions so this should be a good year for them. Many of the banks of the ditches have been cleared by Forestry contractors. Hopefully this will make them more obvious alongside the violets which can sometimes be difficult to spot. Already the green shoots of the bluebell plants are appearing, hopefully promising another magnificent display in late April and May. Unfortunately during this past year for several reasons we have been unable to carry out our usual conservation work to ensure that the brambles do not gradually take over and deprive our local community of this wonderful display, so let us hope we are not be unable to do this valuable work for too long in the future.

The birds too are starting to sing, especially the blackbirds and robins, all hoping to attract a mate. There is so much to enjoy in Hagg Wood, whatever the season or weather. You are welcome to join us if you would like to help ensure that the local community can enjoy Hagg Wood as much in the future as it has in the past. If so, do get in touch with us via or through our website

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