The Grapevine Parish Magazine entry for Christmas 2020/January 2021

Our Community Woodland of Hagg Wood is a very valuable local natural environment that we need to protect and cherish. It provides plenty of green open space and fresh air for all to enjoy, with accompanying physical and mental benefits within easy potential reach of Dunnington. However, to do this it needs to be readily accessible to all in our local community, including young and old, and the able and less able. It is a very great pity that access to it has been blocked along the main footpath from Intake Lane for over a year now, causing considerable inconvenience to many local people. This has also had the counter- productive effect of causing some people to decide to drive and park at the end of Intake Lane in order to make their walk further afield more manageable, though with Dunnington Parish Council now tackling this problem in a sensible way. If only we lived in more enlightened times when all local residents could easily access our local Community Woodland.

Let us hope that the generous Spirit of Christmas becomes more dominant than barricades along the path to human enjoyment, and the New Year brings more Joy than the darker days we have been experiencing in recent months. We look forward to Spring when numerous wild flowers can add to its beauty, and to a happier future when our Conservation Working Parties can be resumed. As soon as we safely can, we will also plan our regular trips to beautiful destinations and meetings with interesting talks. We always welcome new members, including young people wanting to protect and enhance our local environment for everyone’s better future. Please visit our website for further details of how to join us. Have a look also at the Countryfile website for how even in your own garden or green space you can contribute towards a healthier and greener future.

If you have not already been in touch with us about the disruptive path blockage from Intake Lane, please do get in touch via our website or by writing to FHW, 5 Church Lane, Dunnington, YO19 5PT. But even if you have contacted us in this way, you still need to fill in a User Evidence form that we can present to the Planning Inspectorate to assist our public footpath claim so please email for a form so that you can play your full part in achieving a successful outcome in 2021.

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