Is Hagg Wood Open ?

Yes it is.  However, while the Definitive Map Modification Order process is ongoing, the main Forestry Commission entrance to Hagg Wood from Intake lane will unfortunately remain closed. The current blockage has been in place since October 2019 when two new landowners took the action to the annoyance of the local community.


The blocked gates on the Forestry Track



It is still possible for you to gain access to Hagg Wood from the Route 66 Cycle Path and then turn right if you are coming from Dunnington at the open field and follow the Public Bridleway along the edge of the wood until you reach the Public Footpath sign (at Arrow 1)


                                                                               Styron Way entrance

The other access point is via the Public Footpath entrance at Hagg Lane (at Arrow 2).


Entrance from Hagg Lane

You should still make sure that you observe the current Government regulations and guidance on social distancing during the current Covid 19 virus restrictions.

You can view a map of Hagg Wood at

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