The Grapevine Parish Magazine entry for December 2019

Like many local residents, the Friends of Hagg Wood are very unhappy that access into Hagg Wood along the track from Intake Lane has been blocked. Our group was formed in 1996 to ensure public access into and within the wood when the Government threatened to sell it. We successfully campaigned to prevent the ‘sell-off’ and at the same time we put in two Public Right of Way Claims with the City of York Council to have the footpaths into the wood recognised on the Definitive Map.  Footpath claims were originally made by Kexby Parish Council in the early 1950s but unfortunately they have still not been fully acted upon. The fact that the Parish has moved from the East Riding County Council to North Yorkshire County Council and then City of York Unitary Authority has not helped. The City of York Council has recently agreed to a make progress by the end of February 2020.

In recent weeks there has been a change in ownership of the path from Intake Lane into Hagg Wood which has resulted in the usual entrance to the wood being blocked. One resident described Hagg Wood with its local access as being the ‘jewel in the crown’ of Dunnington and we know many other residents hold it dear.

If you are unhappy about the path blockage, please let us know via our website with details about your use and for how long, and how important this access path is to you, or by writing to FHW, 5 Church Lane, Dunnington, YO19 5PT. This will add weight to the evidence we can present to the City of York Council for a successful permanent resolution to the access issue. We will not rest until this matter is resolved.

On a merrier note, we now have our enticing menu for our traditional New Year Lunch at Dunnington Sports Club on Sunday 12th January, available via our website on or by contacting Brian by 18th December on 07443 597769 or via . All welcome to attend – the more the merrier, let’s keep up our spirits.

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