Access to Hagg Wood – Statement from Dunnington Parish Council 4th November 2019

There has been much speculation in respect of the situation regarding the recent closure of the track from Intake Lane into Hagg Wood which has been open and used for many years by the residents of Dunnington. The action has raised a considerable amount of emotion and feelings within the community who see it as a valuable loss to residents. The track and Hagg Wood is in Kexby Parish.

This statement is made in full knowledge of the facts and with the co-operation of the new owners of the track in order to put the record straight.

The owner of the track has recently sold, separately, two fields adjacent to the track which also incorporates the track. This means that the first part of the track from Intake Lane is now owned by one party and the other part leading on to Hagg Wood is owned by another party. On completion of the sale the new owners were advised by their solicitors to close the track until such time as an outstanding access right of way matter was resolved and also to avoid any potential insurance liability issues. The track was subsequently closed on Sunday 13 October 2019 and a Private Land/No Public Right of Way notice posted on the gate at each end of the track and the gates locked.

This matter has been outstanding since 1997 when an application seeking to record a footpath between Kexby bridleway 8 and Kexby footpath, Hagg Wood, York was lodged with the local authority. The inaction of the City of York Council to deal with this matter over two decades has been a major factor in the current situation. In a letter received from the City of York Council dated 22 July 2019 they have acknowledged that this matter is still outstanding and will now be dealt with following a critical Local Government Ombudsman report into the way that the City of York Council’s Public Rights of Way function has been dealing with these types of applications.
See link to Ombudsman’s report:

The City of York Council has stated that they expect the application to be determined no later than 28 February 2020. If they decide to make an order they will do so as soon as reasonably practical after 28 February 2020.

In the meantime the track will remain closed, although the Ward Councillors are looking at the possibility of arranging a meeting with all interested parties to ascertain whether anything can be done to address the situation on a temporary basis until such time as the matter has been determined.

Updates will be provided as and when any further information becomes available.

2 thoughts on “Access to Hagg Wood – Statement from Dunnington Parish Council 4th November 2019

  1. After walking with u3a groups more than 10 years and no problems. Now joining the Dunnington walking group as we all age and visiting Hagg wood with beautiful trees & flowers gets people out to enjoy the freedom to wander.
    Only now to find someone as placed a gate across the route stopping any maitenence or walkers passing into the wood. These paths I understand have been used for more than 20 years


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