Path Access Update to FHW Members – 31 October 2019

Dear Friend,

As you may well be aware, the path into Hagg Wood from Intake Lane, which has been used by Dunnington residents for many years, is now blocked and the access gate chained up to prevent local residents from using it. This is causing considerable inconvenience and loss of amenity to many users of our local wood. The Friends of Hagg Wood submitted Public Rights of Way claims on this path and another nearby path into Hagg Wood more than 20 years ago, but for reasons which we do not defend City of York Council have only recently announced their intention to process these claims in the coming months. Representatives from the City of York Council failed to respond positively to an invitation to attend a Ward meeting in Dunnington yesterday to explain the reasons for this delay.

However, we can increase the chances of the path from Intake Lane into Hagg Wood being fully recognised as a Public Right of Way if you continue to support us by sending in your name, and any other details you wish, using the attached form or via the link: to provide us with some information about your use of the path. This will help us organise a strong local petition and up to date Evidence of Use forms to submit to City of York Council to strengthen our existing claims to recognise this path as a Public Right of Way, which you can freely use to enjoy the wood once again. Please also encourage your friends and anyone else you know who has used this path to enjoy the wood to do the same. If you or they do not have email access, an alternative postal address to send it to is FHW 5 Church Lane, Dunnington, YO19 5PT.

We are actively exploring several ways forward in order to resolve this issue satisfactorily to keep this access path freely open on a permanent basis. If you help us as a volunteer on our working parties, we will also be in touch with you soon about these, since the path blockage is making access to the wood through this route impossible.

We will, of course, be continuing with our Autumn programme of other events. These include a presentation next Wednesday 6th November at 8pm in Dunnington Reading Room by Sergeant Stuart Grainger, of the North Yorkshire Police’s Rural Task Force, on the important subject of tackling wildlife crime. On Friday 8th November, we will make a visit to the Yorkshire Arboretum with its magnificent display of trees in their glorious Autumnal colours, meeting outside Dunnington Reading Room at 10am. So join us when you can!

With all good wishes
Dr David Mayston
Chairman, Friends of Hagg Wood
31st October 2019

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