The Grapevine Parish Magazine entry for August 2019

August is a lovely time of year to visit Hagg Wood and there is no doubt that to be outdoors and observe nature is an uplifting experience and is good for our wellbeing. There is so much to see and enjoy at all times of the year and we are very lucky to have such an amenity close to Dunnington. Evidently the amount of woodland around York is not particularly abundant.

The efforts of the members continue and these are voluntary, helping to improve and restore the Wood to its original splendour by the removal of non-indigenous and invasive tree species and also planting new specimens. Recent working parties have concentrated on taking out silver birch from around young oaks enabling these slow growing icons of our countryside to receive more sunlight and grow more quickly. Many of the young oaks were planted by local school children to commemorate the millennium. Creating more space meant that we had to be careful not to disturb birds’ nests and the fallen birches provide excellent bug hotels!

As you can imagine the rate at which biomass grows in the Wood is greater than the rate at which it can be controlled and the Wars of the Rhodos is set to continue for quite a while. For this reason we welcome enthusiastic and hard working people of all ages to come and join us for our working parties which are from 10am to 1pm if you can spare some time during these periods. Everyone is now aware more than ever of how important it is to conserve our environment for future generations to enjoy. Our working parties produce good results and there is always lots of friendly banter! Our next working party is on Saturday 7 September.

Meanwhile, enjoy the Wood, the summer and be a friend of Hagg Wood.


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