The Grapevine Parish Magazine entry for June 2019

In the warm dry Spring it has been wonderful to experience the beauty of Hagg Wood. The fantastic display of wildflowers rewarding our efforts to hold back the brambles and promote good growing conditions along the rides and ditch margins. Although the bluebells have been stunning this year I seem to have noticed more primroses than ever before. Birdsong also seems to be increasing with even more willow warblers, balckcaps and chiffchaffs.


The Forestry Commission and FHW have carried out work in the Millennium Area to reduce the birch trees and to “halo cut” around the young oaks we have planted. Oaks need lots of light to survive, they cannot regenerate in closed-canopy conditions. No species of native tree supports more life forms than an oak and it is amazing to think that the oaks we have planted may still be around in 900 years.

Our Autumn Programme is coming to together. We will have a talk by Stuart Grainger from the Rural Crime Squad on 6th November. He will speak on Raptor Persecution which continues to be a very controversial issue, especially on grouse moors. We also have plans for an excursion to the Castle Howard Arboretum and a cycle ride to Selby Abbey.

Our work parties will continue to battle with brambles and clear around many of the trees we have planted.

Woodland Working Parties    Conservation in Action    These will be held on the mornings of 22nd June and 13th July so do put these dates in your diary. Meet at 10am at the Hagg Farm end of Intake Lane.  Bring gloves if you can, and wear stout shoes or wellies.


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