The Grapevine Parish Magazine entry for February 2019

The wood in winter is interesting and charming. The deciduous trees bereft of leaves show their myriad branches as stark silhouettes against a grey sky. Being leafless it is easier to see the smaller birds, such as tree creepers, gold crests and the various tits that feed on the insects that inhabit the trees. That is, unless the birds are feeding at the top of the conifers and hiding behind the cones.

As I write this in mid-January the flooding that we experienced at the end of December has receded but the ditches in the South West corner of the wood, on Ron’s way and the bridge leading in from the field, are still very full, possibly caused by a blockage outside of the wood. Part of the paths in that area are quite muddy, and care is needed crossing the bridges.

Our first programme of the year will be on Wednesday February 20th when Mr. Keith Gitten from the Yorkshire Dragonfly Group will speak on “Yorkshire Dragonflies.” The talk will cover the history, biology and habitats of Dragonflies, as well as giving an overview of the species to be found in Yorkshire, with tips on identification and where to look for them. Meet at 8pm in the Dunnington Reading Room.

Our recent working parties have been clearing rhododendrons to the south side of the stone road to create more space for bluebells and eventually have the area open through to the present bluebell area. If you would like to join a working party and perhaps fulfil a New Year Resolution (!) the dates and times are below.

The dates for future Working Parties are 9th February, 30th March and 13th April. Meet at the Hagg Wood end of Intake Lane at 10.00am.  We work through till 1 pm. More details of our activities can be found on our website



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