The Grapevine Parish Magazine entry for December 2018

Although winter may have Hagg Wood in its grip there is still plenty to see and enjoy. As early as October the birds that migrate from Scandinavia and Siberia to overwinter in the U.K. had started arriving. As you approach the wood look in the fields and hedgerows for Redwings and Fieldfares they love berries, worms and fruit. If the winter is hard they will also come into gardens particularly if you put apples on the ground. Somewhat rarer is the most attractive visitor, the Waxwing. These berry specialists can sometimes arrive in large numbers, four years ago a flock of sixty stayed in Kerver Lane for a week and could easily be seen on ground level bushes.

Sunday 13th January   –    New Year Lunch  

Brighten up the dark days of winter by joining us for our now traditional New Year Lunch, again this year at the Dunnington Sports Centre, with an optional woodland walk beforehand to refresh your appetite. Meet at 11am outside the Children’s Play Area on Intake Lane for the walk, or at 1pm for a drink before the lunch at 1.30pm at the Sports Centre. We need to book you a place at the lunch, so please let Michael know on York 489013 or on   by 18th December to book your place and your menu choice. We will put the menu choices on our website well beforehand, so make a note in your diary to book with Michael before you start your Xmas shopping!

Wednesday 20th February   –   Yorkshire’s Dragonflies

Our first talk of the year will be given by Keith Gittens of the Yorkshire Dragonfly Group.

 Woodland Working Parties  –   Conservation in Action

These will be held on the mornings of 8th December 2018, and 12th January 2019, so do put these dates in your diary. Meet at 10am at the Hagg Farm end of Intake Lane. Bring gloves if you can, and wear stout shoes or wellies.


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