The Grapevine Parish Magazine entry for November 2018

The need for us to place much greater value on wildlife and on our natural environment is the main theme of our presentation in the Reading Room on Wednesday 7th November at 8pm by Dr Amy-Jane Beer, who is a biologist and writer with a strong love of both words and nature. Amy has edited the Wildlife World magazine for the People’s Trust for Endangered Species and has made many contributions to the BBC Wildlife magazine and the Yorkshire Post, as well as co-authoring The Illustrated World Encyclopedia of Marine Fish and Sea Creatures, The Encyclopedia of Mammals and the Encyclopedia of Endangered Species. Living near York, she has also made several well-crafted contributions to the Guardian’s Country Diary on the delights of observing nature locally near Kirkham Abbey, Welburn and the River Ouse. The title of her illustrated talk will be Giving the Wild a Voice: Reporting, Celebrating and Fighting for Nature.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has predicted that 2020 will see a very large decline, of 67 per cent on average, since 1970 in wildlife populations of plants and animals, alongside historically very high rates of species extinctions, due to climate change, population pressures and changes internationally in agricultural practices. Like the canary in the coal mine, the rapidly declining state of our wildlife is likely to have important messages for the health of the human populations too, with the risk on the horizon of a “hothouse earth” emphasised in recent international reports, unless much greater remedial action is urgently taken on reducing our greenhouse gases and on many other environmentally important policy issues, including the planting of trees and looking after our existing forests and woodlands, and their biodiversity.

There are working parties on Saturdays 3 November and 8 December. We welcome anyone who enjoys the wood and is willing to help look after it. Meet at 10am by the notice board at the Intake Lane entrance to the wood.



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