The Grapevine Parish Magazine entry for July 2018

Most of the paths in Hagg Wood are dry at the moment so it is an excellent time to explore and enjoy the emerging displays of foxgloves. Foxgloves usually provide a good show after the soil has been disturbed in the previous year so where the Friends group have been working, especially in the recently created glade along Crater Track, a very colourful display of these flowers is to be seen. Unfortunately, the brambles are also thriving in this and many other areas of the wood, helped by the wet winter which was followed by very warm spells. Our last work party on 9th June was very productive with one group clearing brambles with brush cutters in the crater area and the other group checking and clearing around the young hedge saplings that were planted two or three years ago at the rear of the craters. They had been practically smothered by the surrounding vegetation.

After our AGM on 30th May, Dr Jean McKendree gave us a very interesting talk on her extensive research on the vegetation of the upland peat bogs and the effects of the burning of heather on the grouse moors chiefly in the Yorkshire Dales.

Our next work party was planned to take place on 21st July but because of holiday commitments this may need to be postponed.  If you were planning to join us then, do check nearer the date, with one of the committee or on our website



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