The Grapevine Parish Magazine entry for March 2018

Many feel that it has been a challenging winter in terms of the cold weather and the prevalence of flu bugs of one form or another.  At last Spring is around the corner and we can all take advantage of Hagg Wood to find signs of Spring growth. In mid-February winter still had a grip on the wood apart from the snowdrops. Most of the greenery was provided by the much maligned bramble. After a very cold shower of rain the leaves of the brambles glistened and they looked amazingly healthy. When digging out the brambles on our working parties I have often considered the question – do brambles have any merits apart from those that provide blackberries?  Few in Hagg Wood provide berries. However, brambles in the past did have a function. They were planted on graves to deter the grazing sheep and in ancient times they hoped that brambles on graves would keep the Devil out and the dead in!

We are hoping that with the drier Spring weather many of the paths will dry out quickly. The Forestry Commission in November used contractors to carry out extensive work on the paths and tracks.  Many of these have become very wet and boggy because the water has not had the chance to drain away.

Our working parties continue to do excellent work throughout the year. We are hoping that with the milder weather a few more new volunteers will come along and enjoy the joys of making Hagg Wood an even better place!

Working Parties will take place on March 10th, April 21st, May 26th, Meet at the end of Intake Lane at 10am.

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