Muddy Paths in the Wood

Many visitors to Hagg Wood during the winter period, complained about the muddy paths. This was caused by the frequent heavy spells of rain that we experienced. This raised the water table level in the wood and resulted in flooding of paths.  There is a need to create more ditches alongside the major paths to ensure that water can soak away more quickly.  The Forestry Commission has been made aware of this problem and hopefully can provide a resource for the work to be carried out.

In the meantime, we have carried out some remedial work on raising the path levels in flood areas along the Millennium Path and Crater Track.  We have also created an alternative “dry” track which runs alongside Crater Track to the junction with Keepers Way.

Here are some pictures of the work that was carried out during February and March 2017

Removing the surplus mud on the Millennium Path
Dry base ready to be back filled with surplus logs


The finished raised path


On the Crater Track


If you are visiting the wood to view the bluebells most of the paths are relatively dry so there is no need to wear wellington boots.


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