The Grapevine Parish Magazine entry for March 2017

When did we last have 200 twitchers trying to view a rare bird in Dunnington? The Pine Bunting should not have been here at all. It breeds in Siberia and usually winters in central Asia with a few coming further west but very rarely this far.  So we were fortunate to have one mix in with a local flock of yellowhammers, especially if you happened to see it.  What has this to do with Hagg Wood?  We expect that the establishment of some groves in the wood, and the planting of suitable vegetation will green the floor of the wood and attract insects, butterflies and birds.  Not necessarily rarities but more the usual woodland birds that are becoming scarcer in the UK.  It will not be long before the first of the summer migrants arrive, so keep your eyes and ears open.  Some are more often heard than seen. There might be a rare one among them!  Urban Buzz York, the Butterfly Conservation, and our ecological adviser Martin Hammond have been very helpful in suggesting the vegetation that would be suitable in the glades.

During our next Hagg Wood working party on March 4th we shall be planting in the glades, so come along and plant a tree.

As mentioned in our Spring Newsletter, the Conservation Volunteers have cleared further areas of invasive brambles in the Bluebell area that should create an even more magnificent display of bluebells than previously.

On Monday March 20th at 7.30 pm in the Reading Room, Terry Weston will be giving his popular annual photographic show, this year entitled  “Namibia & Its Wildlife”.


The dates for our next Woodland Working parties are March 4th and 11th, and April 1st. Meet at  10am at the wood end of Intake Lane. We aim to finish at 1pm. Strong boots or wellies and good gardening gloves are recommended.  Please join us and help make the wood better for us all.



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